Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Is the fall of the pound having a negative effect on the number of destination weddings? That appears to be the assumption of media commenting on figures released by the online stationery company, Paperless Post.

New figures released this week reveal a 20% drop in British couples tying the knot overseas in the third quarter of 2016 - with a parallel being drawn between the timing of this and the Brexit vote at the end of June. Paperless Post claims that, until recently, 50,000 of its couples decided upon getting hitched in places ranging from Thailand to Mauritius, Sri Lanka to the Caribbean and Europe to Trumpville (the US…). The stats show European destination weddings in the likes of Italy, Greece and France are down 20% and weddings in the Caribbean down a whopping 40%. Ouch! Ponder that over your Pina Colada.

But how much can we really attribute this to the B word? Every day we see economists and media contributors harping on about how the middle-Englanders have wounded British business, hampered the future career prospects of the youth and given the cold shoulder to our European cousins. Let’s consider the facts – according to the Association of British Travel Agents, at the height of the overseas wedding trend 1.5 million Brits fled our shores to say I Do. That’s a lot of bare-footed Brides! And with the average cost of an overseas wedding coming in at a mere £7,000 (see our post on the average cost of a UK wedding), the attraction is plain to see. Now consider the fact that the Pound fell to a 31-year low against the Dollar last month and the fact that some miserly airports were rating the Euro as worth more than the Pound; that hilltop hacienda’s not looking so attractive now is it?

But it’s not all doom and gloom for those forced to marry in our homeland – at least the guests will be thankful. It’s estimated to cost wedding guests up to five times as much to see their friends wed away, and with the current currency dip you can make that seven times more.

At Something Blue HQ, we have to say the most fun we’ve ever had at weddings has been overseas. If done well, they are simply magical and often turn into many days of celebrations. So really it comes down to the couple, where they dream of getting wed and how much you value your friendship with them. Often it’ll mean foregoing a family holiday or perhaps using your summer trip away to somewhere you mightn’t have chosen. But what can be better than sharing your holiday with dozens of your besties and seeing them walk down the aisle to boot!

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